Hadassa's Detox Story

It all started when I lost my mother at age 16 to breast cancer. She was only 44 at that time and the most important person in my life. I saw what the chemo and the cancer did to her, how sick she got and how she changed from a strong beautiful, young, vibrant woman to a hopeless, totally different, emaciated person. Cancer runs in my family because my grandma had it twice, but she became 80 with it. She had to live with only one breast and other health issues for years. For both my mum and my grandma the cancer came back after removing the tumor.

Years later I became very interested in learning if there are other ways to treat and cure cancer without poisoning our body with chemo. If there would be ways to prevent cancer I wanted to know! As I believed that the chance for me for getting (and dying) from cancer was pretty big. I really didn’t want this fate for myself or other people around me. So for years I was researching natural health and healing. And the more I learned, the more I became fascinated about it and wished I could help other people with it this knowledge too!

I personally experienced many different detoxes and saw how much it was necessary and how much mucus and waste came out of my body. Even though I have been eating very healthy for 10 years I felt how much detoxing affected my energy and overall wellbeing. By seeing all of this I understood it was no wonder that people got ill!

I learned how important our organs are for our well being and that most diseases start in the gut because it is connected to everything. But that you can also cleanse different organs yourself and keep your body clean, vibrant and at optimum healthy that way.

After all this, I believe that my chance of getting cancer has dramatically decreased. And I will keep up this journey for health, so I will keep feeling my most optimum happy vibrant self!

My dream is to help other people with their quest to their fantastic healthy (dream) body

Coaching / Therapy sessions

  • Personal Detox Coaching

  • Toxin Free Lifestyle Coaching

75,- per hour

Satisfaction Guarantee

Hadassa always works with a satisfaction guarantee. Meaning, if you do not feel you have received any value, she does not want to receive any payment.

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