Roger's Detox Story

For years I have suffered from the chronic illness of neurodermatitis. Neurodermatitis is a skin condition characterized by dry skin and chronic itching. Typically on the neck, wrists, forearms, legs or genital region.
For 40 years I have scratched myself violently daily. Every single morning I woke up and immediately started scratching my neck and arms. Often I would run off to the shower, a damage control method I used so the dry skin scratching would not lead to bleeding and self inflicted micro cuts. Water makes the skin softer, so that was a relatively efficient "solution".

Every cream or ointment, every treatment pharmaceutical & holistic I have tried. I tried every vitamin & mineral on the planet. Nothing ever worked, some soothed a little bit, but the violent itching was always a big part of my life. I have been through many phases of hopelessness and grief that this was my fate. I was carrying a lot of shame around it and became a champ at hiding it. I spend a small fortune on spiritual workshops in hopes that the problem was emotional and that I could learn to solve it that way.
Luckily it wasn't, so I ended up letting go of many emotional layers and I learned more than I could ever imagine.
But the skin problems and self-violence never left...
These workshops gave me a better feeling of life though and helped me to accept "my self-violent fate". I learned to love life and accept myself, even with the self inflicted violence. If this was my destiny, so be it, "you can't have everything" was my thinking.

Then, in September 2021 when meeting an Holistic General Doctor, she suggested me to try Essential Oils orally & topically. This was a small miracle! Within 1½ days my skin dramatically improved and it had never felt better! After doing thorough testing and reading countless research papers, I found the ultimate holistic and side-effect free solution of 6 super potent skin healing & allergy suppressing Essential Oils and daily high dose Vitamin C & D! It was a deep deep blessing that I am to this day still grateful for.
That blessing cost me around 250-300 euro per month, but it was well worth it! I took them religiously 3 times per day for almost a year and I felt very content with it.

However, if I would skip more than 3 or 4 intakes, the problems would quickly return. I was doing a lot better, still having scratching bursts daily, but by far not as violent and not as much as I was used to. So, much improvement! But I was very dependent and spending serious money each month to suppress my problems this way.

After reading an Orthomolecular paper on the many ways vitamin C supports the detoxing capacities of the body, something clicked. I needed to heal my organs!
I was still just treating symptoms, holistically, but the cause was never healed.

After researching all the different methods of detoxing, I found the magic formula.
All the detox providers were usually just sticking to 1 or 2 "cure-all treatments", a treatment here, a juice-fast there, some pills, some powder. But after researching body toxification thoroughly, I saw the bigger picture. My body needed to be healed systemically, not just a few parts or temporarily reliefs.

So, I created a rigorous treatment plan that would clean me up efficiently.
Within days I started to see results, weeks went by and my skin improved almost every day with every treatment I did. Some days it was very emotional to realize I was no longer violent with myself....

The organ cleansing was set up in such a way that there was enormous synergy between organs. Which sped up the process. After 2 months I stopped taking my formerly holy grail of Essential Oils, I just forgot about it and then decided to try how long I could last. Turns out, I didn't need them anymore, because they just served as a beautiful support system for my body.

But the cleaner my body became, the less support I needed in substances!

As I am writing this, I am 2½ months in. I no longer use my holistic medications and my skin has never felt better.

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